The Positivity in Solitude

Today’s entry addresses the Photography 101’s theme of “Solitude”.

For Pooh, the meaning of solitude does not necessarily equal to a state of being lonely. It can be one of those days where you just want to isolate yourself from everyone? Rather than looking at solitude as a state of being alone or a feeling of loneliness. Pooh chooses to view solitude as a means of recharging in life – spiritually, emotionally and physically. This is important especially if you live in such a fast pace environment where everything just happens all at once.

Below is a photo taken during Pooh’s trip to Korea. So far, this is Pooh’s favorite vacation, as this trip was taken during a time where Pooh feels lost and tired from work.

All in all, it always about perspective. Rather than viewing the negative in the term solitude, Pooh chooses to turn it into a positive thing.

The beautiful buildings and landscapes of Ehwa Womans University makes Pooh want to go back to studying all over again















Blissful days for Pooh are not just about days full of hunny. Another meaning of bliss is the feeling you get whenever you see those around you happy and relaxed. Here’s a photo of Pooh’s friend, Mcqueen, enjoying his time at the house doing nothing with Pooh. 🙂





Aqua Shutters

For the third assignment of Pooh’s Photography 101 course, the participants are tasked to interpret the meaning of Water.

Here are some of Pooh’s favorite shots:

The 2 photos below were taken at Villa Escudero in San Pablo Laguna. One thing Pooh loves about this place is its scenic beauty. Below is a part of the resort where you can kayak on Lake Labasin, a lake inside the resort! Pooh was also able to eat lunch at the Waterfalls restaurant of the resort.



Another photo that Pooh was able to take shows a view from Pooh’s resort in Panglao, Bohol. Here, tourists will be able to see the crystal clear waters of the beach. Small boats will also be common sight as the area is packed with locals ready to take the tourists to an island hopping experience. One activity tourists must try is dolphin watching, which brings us to the next photo.


For Pooh’s dolphin experience, Pooh had to get up at early dawn to ride a small boat that took us to the area where the dolphins are usually seen. Luckily, we were able to view some dolphins playing around the area after minutes of waiting. Below is the best shot that Pooh was able to take during the ride.


Truly, these places captures the beauty of water and Pooh was a lucky bear who was able to experience them firsthand.

Pooh’s Street Shots

For Pooh’s Photography 101 Day 2 assignment, participants are asked to take a photo of a street.

Here are some of Pooh’s street shots taken during our trip to Hong Kong and Macau early this year. 🙂

Blurry shot, but for some reason, Pooh loves this one as it shows the busy streets of HK at night.
Black and White
Hong Kong
Busy Roads of HK


Old-school streets of Macau




Home Outside the Hundred Acre Woods

Pooh had recently encountered Daily Post’s Blogging University. One of its offerings is a Photography 101 class, which definitely captured the interest of one silly old bear.

For the course’s first assignment, the participants are asked to share an image that means home.

For Pooh, home is not an exact address, it’s not a concrete 4-walled structure you live in. Instead it is a sense of belonging. Knowing that you can be whoever you are – heck you can even pretend to be a little black rain cloud :p – and they’ll still be with you along the way.

Pooh and Friends
Pooh and Friends