The Positivity in Solitude

Today’s entry addresses the Photography 101’s theme of “Solitude”.

For Pooh, the meaning of solitude does not necessarily equal to a state of being lonely. It can be one of those days where you just want to isolate yourself from everyone? Rather than looking at solitude as a state of being alone or a feeling of loneliness. Pooh chooses to view solitude as a means of recharging in life – spiritually, emotionally and physically. This is important especially if you live in such a fast pace environment where everything just happens all at once.

Below is a photo taken during Pooh’s trip to Korea. So far, this is Pooh’s favorite vacation, as this trip was taken during a time where Pooh feels lost and tired from work.

All in all, it always about perspective. Rather than viewing the negative in the term solitude, Pooh chooses to turn it into a positive thing.

The beautiful buildings and landscapes of Ehwa Womans University makes Pooh want to go back to studying all over again














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