Pooh’s #BastilleInManila Experience

Bastille In ManilaJanuary 5, 2015 might be the first day of work but it also marked Bastille’s first (hopefully, not the last) concert here in Manila. The event was held on the World Trade Center so it was a standing concert, which is a not Pooh’s preferred kind of event due to Pooh’s lack of height. XD But besides this minor hiccup, Pooh was lucky enough to be able to attend this event.

Pooh learned about this band when Arra of Style Reader had referred the song Pompeii. And just like that Pooh was hooked! Bastille’s first album, Bad Blood, even became Pooh’s “Commute to the Office” playlist. 🙂

The night started with Bad Blood followed by songs from their first album -These Streets, Icarus, Laura Palmer, Get Home and many more. While performing Flaws, Dan even came down stage. They also performed songs from VS. (Other People’s Heartache pt. III) and their famous cover of “No Scrubs”.  The night ended with Pompeii, wherein Dan encouraged everyone to put down their phones and just jump up and down to the song.

bastille in manila 1

bastille in manila 2

bastille in manila 3

Being one of Pooh’s favorite band, watching Bastille perform live is definitely a good way to start the year right. And for March, the concert to prepare for is … X Tour: Ed Sheeran Live in Manila!


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