Bearable Conversations Part 2


Tsum Tsum Pooh: Are you excited for this week Pooh?

Soap Pooh:  Beary much! Long weekend here we come! :))


Pooh’s #BastilleInManila Experience

Bastille In ManilaJanuary 5, 2015 might be the first day of work but it also marked Bastille’s first (hopefully, not the last) concert here in Manila. The event was held on the World Trade Center so it was a standing concert, which is a not Pooh’s preferred kind of event due to Pooh’s lack of height. XD But besides this minor hiccup, Pooh was lucky enough to be able to attend this event.

Pooh learned about this band when Arra of Style Reader had referred the song Pompeii. And just like that Pooh was hooked! Bastille’s first album, Bad Blood, even became Pooh’s “Commute to the Office” playlist. 🙂

The night started with Bad Blood followed by songs from their first album -These Streets, Icarus, Laura Palmer, Get Home and many more. While performing Flaws, Dan even came down stage. They also performed songs from VS. (Other People’s Heartache pt. III) and their famous cover of “No Scrubs”.  The night ended with Pompeii, wherein Dan encouraged everyone to put down their phones and just jump up and down to the song.

bastille in manila 1

bastille in manila 2

bastille in manila 3

Being one of Pooh’s favorite band, watching Bastille perform live is definitely a good way to start the year right. And for March, the concert to prepare for is … X Tour: Ed Sheeran Live in Manila!

Pooh’s Rumbly Tummy: Surf Shack


Every Christmas season, Pooh has 3 main goals:

1. Eat

2. Sleep

3. Eat

And being a hardworking bear of little brain, Pooh made to sure to achieve all three.

Last December 25, Pooh was able to try out this fairly new restaurant – Surf Shack San Juan, La Union. What’s the best thing about this place? They have at least 4 types of fusion pizzas you can try out! Here are the 4 that Pooh was able to try out:

Pizza 1: Mommy Lu’s Gourmet Tuyo Pizza

This is Pooh’s favorite pizza. Once this thin crust pizza was served at the table, the waiter poured a glass of hunny over the pizza! The combination of tuyo and hunny might seem a bit off for some people but Pooh thinks this is the perfect combination – salty and sweet at the same time 😛



Pizza 2: Bacnotan Longganisa Pizza


Pizza 3: Beef Tapa Pizza


Pizza 4: Vigan Longganisa Pizza


Trying out these not-so-common kinds of pizza, it is best partnered with one of their cocktail drinks.


Surf Shack San Juan, La Union can be found on 239 National Highway, Urbiztondo, 2514 San Juan, La Union. You may visit their official fanpage here.

Locked and Linked

Isn’t it funny how people who’ve never met their whole lives yet somewhere, somehow, they actually do have a connection? Here’s a photo that can remind us of those moments.

At the Namsan Tower, people (or bears :p) can leave behind their lock that contains a love message to your special someone. And just last October 2013, Pooh was able to leave one lock behind (the message is dedicated to hunny, of course!).

Isn’t it amazing that in order to leave your lock, you need to connect your symbol of love to another random person’s lock? It’s an overwhelming sight as it reminds you how each person or bear can love and how another person’s love is needed to support your own love. 🙂

Love locks at the Namsam Tower in Seoul.



The Positivity in Solitude

Today’s entry addresses the Photography 101’s theme of “Solitude”.

For Pooh, the meaning of solitude does not necessarily equal to a state of being lonely. It can be one of those days where you just want to isolate yourself from everyone? Rather than looking at solitude as a state of being alone or a feeling of loneliness. Pooh chooses to view solitude as a means of recharging in life – spiritually, emotionally and physically. This is important especially if you live in such a fast pace environment where everything just happens all at once.

Below is a photo taken during Pooh’s trip to Korea. So far, this is Pooh’s favorite vacation, as this trip was taken during a time where Pooh feels lost and tired from work.

All in all, it always about perspective. Rather than viewing the negative in the term solitude, Pooh chooses to turn it into a positive thing.

The beautiful buildings and landscapes of Ehwa Womans University makes Pooh want to go back to studying all over again













”Poetry and Hums aren’t things which you get, they’re things which get you. And all you can do is go where they can find you.”